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Hours of Operation

Weekdays 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Weekends/Holidays 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Contact Us

Street Address: Exit 216 Interstate 70 Georgetown, CO 80444
Mailing Address: PO Box 899 Georgetown, CO 8044
Phone: (303) 571-5580 (800) 736-3SKI
General E-mail: loveland@skiloveland.com
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Parking, Shuttles

All parking at Loveland is free. Shuttles between the Basin and Valley areas are free and are run every 5-10 minutes. The Valley shuttle stop is located in front of the Valley Sport Shop. The Basin shuttle stop is located at the bottom of the parking lot main stairs.

Transportation: Although public transportation to Colorado’s Ski Resorts is limited, The Snowstang offers an affordable and easy way to enjoy a great day on the slopes without having to drive.  Discount Loveland tickets are available to passengers as well.  For schedules and rates, please visit the Snowstang webpage.

Mountain Driving

Colorado law requires you to buckle up and that all windows be completely snow/ice free so that full vision is possible. More distance between you and the vehicle in front of you is required when driving on snowy/icy roads. If your vehicle is not equipped with anti-lock brakes, you do not want to lock up your brakes – pump them. Avoid braking on curves and remember 4 wheel drive vehicles should follow all of these same basic rules.


Lodging is not available at the mountain.

On-mountain Cabins

Loveland offers several on-mountain cabins that are open to the public. All cabins feature a fireplace for warming up. Ptarmigan and Ginny Lee offer a small selection of food and beverages for purchase. Visit the restaurants page for more information. E-Tow cabin is available to rent for private parties. Click here to find more information about reserving E-Tow Cabin.

Restaurants and Bars

Loveland offers multiple food outlets serving breakfast and lunch as well as several bars offering alcoholic beverages and finger foods. Vegetarian and gluten free options available. Click here to view our dining options and hours of service.


Lockers are available to rent on a daily basis.  Rental lockers are available at the Basin & Valley Rental Shops & Cafeterias.  Small lockers $6.00 – Large Lockers $8.00 (All day access).

Secure Your Equipment

Loveland is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment. Lockers are available for rent and equipment locks are available for purchase, as well as overnight and seasonal storage, at the Sport Shop. Please see the Sport Shop for details.


Loveland’s Sport Shops, located at the Basin and the Valley offers a wide variety of ski and snowboard equipment, clothing, and accessories. The Sport Shop also offers clothing rentals, souvenirs, boot fitting, and service for all equipment. Click here for more information on services offered or visit our online souvenir shop.


We have two rental shops at both the Valley and the Basin that rent skis, snowboards, and snow blades. Click Here for rental details and prices. Renters must be over 18 and have a valid credit card for deposit. We also rent clothing through the Adventure Center in the Sport Shop.

First Timers

If you have never skied or snowboarded, lessons will start you on the right path to enjoying snow sports. The Loveland Ski & Ride School will teach you how to stop and turn so you can avoid obstacles and other people on the mountain. It is your responsibility to keep those around you safe. Check out the Ski & Ride school lesson options and great programs like the 3-Class Pass. Reservations are required.


Wear water resistant, layered clothing which can be removed or added as weather changes. (i.e.: long underwear, turtleneck, sweater, waterproof jacket and pants, nylon socks, waterproof gloves, winter hat, sunglasses, goggles). Clothing rentals are available through the Adventure Center in the Sports Shop.

Child Care

Kids 12 months to 12 years will have a super time at the Loveland Basin Day Care Center.  Activities include educational games, movies, crafts, and snow time.  Reservations are recommended.  Hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Not available for the 2021/22 season

Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Coverage

Loveland offers free Wi-Fi access in the Basin and Valley cafeterias.  Loveland offers excellent cell phone coverage all over the mountain.

Wi-Fi not available for the 2021/22 season

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is located in the Loveland Basin Main Office. Found articles are held for 1 week. You can contact Lost & Found at 303-571-5580 x 100. You can click here Lost & Found and fill out our online form.

Ski Patrol

Our professional Ski Patrollers are here to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable visit. Patrol headquarters are located at the base of both the Basin and Valley and are staffed from 8:00am until 4:30pm. Please obey all Ski Patrol instructions, signage and closures. Patrollers can be found at the top of every lift in case of an emergency or questions.

Altitude Sickness

There is no foolproof method for avoiding altitude sickness, but drinking extra water and avoiding salty foods the week before you arrive seems to be the most helpful. For more info, visit Altitude illness information

Sun / UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays are more powerful at higher elevations. Since we are about 2 miles above sea level you will need goggles and sunglasses that have UV protection. Also, regardless of your skin color or complexion, everyone needs to wear sunscreen even on overcast days when ultraviolet rays still penetrate cloud cover. For more info visit Go Sun Smart.

Uphill Access Policy

Loveland Encourages the use of our National Forest by allowing uphill access. For your safety, please read and understand the Uphill Access Policy and follow all routes and closures.

Permitted Equipment

Loveland permits the use of skis, snowboards, snowblades, and adaptive equipment. All equipment must have a device to prevent run-away equipment. Snowboards are required by state law to have a leash, which are available in the Sport Shop. Snowbikes, snowskates, sleds, and toboggans are prohibited. Adaptive equipment must be checked by ski patrol prior to first use to ensure compatibility with our lifts.

Tubing & Sledding

Loveland does not offer tubing or sledding. Tubing & sledding is prohibited at the mountain.

Ticket / Season Pass Office

Ticket and Season Pass offices are available at both the Basin and Valley areas, and are open from 8am – 4pm daily. All ticketing products and season passes are available at the ticket office. Rentals are available through the rental shop.

Ski Club

The Loveland Ski Club is an organization dedicated to the training of young athletes in the discipline of alpine ski racing. For more information, visit the Ski Club’s website.

Ridge Cat

Loveland offers free snow cat rides along the continental divide in the Ridge Cat. Find all the information on the Ridge Cat Page and get your free Ridge Cat access card from the Basin Season Pass Office.

Mountain Stats

With expansive terrain and some of the most snow in Colorado, our stats are pretty impressive. Check out all the numbers on our Mountain Stats Page.