Live Music: Uptown Toodeloo

Live Music: Uptown Toodeloo

May 8, 2022

The Uptown Toodeloo String Band is a mostly acoustic project performing the music of the Grateful Dead infused with high-energy bluegrass jams and powerful vocals.

The Uptown Toodeloo String Band is a fresh new project on the Colorado front-range, comprised of established Colorado players bringing a big sound and loyal audiences. Uptown Toodeloo features pickers from notable Colorado bands including Leftover Salmon, Shakedown Street, Coral Creek, DeadPhish Orchestra and The Holler! All players are steeped in the tradition and music of the Grateful Dead.

This is not a bluegrass band playing Grateful Dead songs. And this is not “just-another-Grateful Dead tribute band” playing bluegrass instruments. The Uptown Toodeloo String Band combines the best of foot-stomping bluegrass music with the psychedelic style, arrangements and melodies of the good ole Grateful Dead. We're not playing Reckoning here folks, we go deep in the jams where acoustic instruments ought not go.

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