If you are looking to get the most powder for your dollar, look no further than Loveland’s Unrestricted 4-Pak and get 4 lift tickets for just $229 – that’s just $57.25/day! Loveland 4-Paks are unique because these are actual lift tickets that can be used by anyone on any day of the 2022/23 season. Use the tickets yourself on 4 different days or share with friends and family all on the same day. They are your tickets and it’s your call. No restrictions and no blackouts. Lift lines and hassles not included.

Unrestricted 4-Pak

Loveland 4-Paks must be purchased in advance and are not available for purchase or pick-up at any Loveland ticket window. 4-Paks will be sent via USPS and will arrive in 7-10 business days. 4-Pak orders will not be rushed under any circumstances. 4-Paks are non-refundable and can’t be replaced if they are lost or stolen. 4-Pak tickets are valid for the 2021/22 season only. 4-Paks will not be refunded or extended to the 2022/23 season under any circumstances. 4-Paks are only available through November 20, 2021.


4PAKS will go on sale September 1

Save $10

Visit us at one of our Front Range Ski Shows and save $10 on each 4-Pak! Loveland Ski Area 4-Paks are available for just $219 – that’s just $54.75 per day! Not only can you save $10 on each 4-Pak at these events, but you will receive the tickets right there on the spot – no need to wait the 7-10 business days for delivery. NO PHONE ORDERS, NO MAIL ORDERS! Must be at show to get deal.

Loveland 4-Paks are not available for purchase or pick-up at any Loveland Ticket Window and must be ordered in advance online.